Our Services

Our reputation is built on years of valuable experience in, but not limited to, designs, supply, installation, testing and maintaining Power and Electronics systems according to clients’ requirements.

Our diverse engineering capability enables us to offer range of services from site investigation, technical recommendation, programmed testing services, Sales and supply of electrical/power solutions, all through to repair and upgrade works.

The services we offer include:

Power Back-up: We offer power back-up solutions ranges from Solar, Inverter/Battery back-up to Uninterruptible Power Supply for sensitive equipments including ATMs and general Information Technology equipments. The solutions are very effective and reliable.

  • They can also be used at home to complement the poor power supply from public utility.


Structured Cabling (LANVoice, data and cctv) : We install and support virtual and voice, imaging or data cabling application. Our services include solution from aim and modifications to enhancements of existing systems. A cabling system is as good its design, installation and administration. Each area is highly specialized and requires trained professionals to ensure true category 5, category 6 both shielded twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair performance. Advance certified installer provides the necessary link between cabling product and installations that are compliant with international standards


Supply and Installation of Power Protection Devices:  We supply and install protective devices like surge protectors and suppressors of different rating and capacities for sensitive equipments such as breakers, voltage stabilizer, lightning arrestor, automatic voltage switches, insulating tape, amalgamated tape, grounding kits, grounding cable, and  various type and size of cables.

We supply imported and local equipment shelters of different sizes and internal features, inverter and batteries for Automated Teller Machine. We also give attention to insulation, security and water leakages.


Power Audit: We are highly experienced in providing power Audit to corporate organizations in order to help them manage and control their power flows. We ensure that they meet the required power targets and reduce downtime. The power Audit includes: Load balancing, adequate installation protection, Required System Voltage, Effective Earthing System at low resistance.


Electrical Installation: We ensure that your installation is done to meet the required professional standard for example, cable size, etc. We also put in place the best protection that is fast acting.